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                                                  I can create flyers, logos, and illustrations for your business needs. 

                                                  How does it work? 

                                                  1. Contact me at with a general idea of what you'd like to                                                    have me do with information such as:

                                                  - Overall Concept described to the best of your abilities

                                                  - Sketches, reference pictures, or any other files that may aid in getting your desired                                                                 income

                                                  - Desired file type/size

                                                  - Major colors or color themes 

                                                  - Project timeframe

2. I will ask any other questions I need to give you a price.

3. Price will be given and half down will be due prior to me beginning the project

4. I will contact you throughout the project timeframe to ask for feedback, show you sketches, and make sure you are getting the final product you want.

- Most projects follow a timeline similar to this:

  • Concept sketches>Concept revision>Concept approved>Artwork begins>Artwork revisions>Artwork finalized​

5. Once the product is finalized, I will ask for the second half of the payment and after payment is received you will receive:

- A receipt for your payment

- A copyright release to the artwork

- Final artwork in desired file size and format specified

If you have any questions feel free to email me. I look forward to doing work with you!



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